Wrapping things up–more than one way

Imagine a world without Post-it notes. I hate to admit it, but that’s a world I’m old enough to remember.

On my first full-time job, when I was very, very young <grin>, I often had to set paperwork aside with a note to myself on what to do with it later. Since I worked with original stock and bond certificates, I mostly had to keep documents blemish-fee. I devised a method to remind me of later actions to take without writing on the papers.

My trick was to take a clean piece of paper and cut it in little pieces about three inches square.

I’d keep a little pile of these squares in my desk. Whenever I needed to flag an action item, I’d write a note on a square saying what I needed to do. Then I’d paperclip that note to the document.

My organizing trick, before the advent of "Post-it Notes"

One day, years later, I saw someone use those little yellow sticky pads that have since become ubiquitous. “What a clever idea,” I thought when I first saw them. “Someone must have felt like I did–I’m not the only one who needed little pieces of paper to jot something down and clip to something else.” So, much to my delight, I discovered that Post-It Notes were born.

Nowadays, Post-Its run the gamut. No longer just one size and the one (yellow) color, Post-Its come in all colors, shapes and forms.

I even have some hot pink Post-It hearts which I use to call attention to an urgent task, or to stick a note on a friend’s birthday card. Or to leave a love note on my husband’s steering wheel for him to see as he starts his commute to work.

Post-It Notes have certainly taken off!

But Post-Its haven’t stopped me from cutting paper smaller. Now, I wield my scissors with plastic wrap. I’ve always found Saran Wrap, Cling Wrap, and others to be useful. I’ve probably tried most of the brands.

I’m a person who saves bits of leftovers in small glass bowls. Sometimes in very small glass bowls. And to use a big, wide piece of wrap to cover up my tiny bowls seems like such a waste!

A big piece of plastic for a tiny bowl

Have you ever gotten out the scissors and tried to cut a square of small plastic wrap? The wrap sticks to the scissors and winds around your hand.  Making a Saran Wrap equivalent of a “Post-It”  isn’t very easy.

I thought I was doomed to this silly task until one day I browsed in my local Japanese grocery store. Now, I wrap my leftovers like this:

Note that the width of the Japanese plastic wrap is the perfect fit to cover my little glass bowl

Because this is what I found in that grocery store:

Plastic wrap in Japan comes in several different sizes

It’s clear that manufacturers in Japan realized people wanted more than one width of plastic wrap. So, they made their products to meet consumers’ needs.

So, now, whenever I need plastic wrap, not only do I go to my local Safeway, but I also make the trek to the Japanese store. And yet, I wonder: why not our good old American companies? Couldn’t they make plastic wrap in several sizes, too?

Maybe one of them will read this post. Maybe he or she will take action–who knows?

On a more personal note (though my confessions of obsessing about wasting paper or plastic wrap seem pretty dang personal)–I do want to explain my recent absence from the blogging world. I’ve been gone because I’ve moved several times; we sold our home of twenty-two years and then remodeled our new home. This necessitated moving three times: from the house we sold into a hotel, from the hotel to the rental side of our new duplex home, and then finally, after the remodel’s completion, we’ve moved to our permanent side. Added to that was a lot of illness in my family this year.

But now things are better, so my intention is to blog regularly again . Also, I plan to be an avid blog reader once more, so you, my blogging buddies who may be reading this–expect to see me soon, me via comments on your blog!

And, in closing, please let me know: is anyone out there as crazy as I am, cutting their own Post-Its before Post-Its existed, and cutting plastic wrap into little squares?

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God Bless America, God Bless Us Everyone

Flag of the United States

Old Glory flies high at this time!

I pray for peace and justice for all the world.

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How sweet is the custom of Lily-of-the-Valley

Lily of the Valley

Image via Wikipedia

Today is May 1st, celebrated as “May Day” in Europe. In Switzerland and France, people do something very lovely today. Since this charming custom involves my favorite flower, I couldn’t resist dashing out this post.

For the past few days, vendors have been selling lily-of-the-valley on the streets of Switzerland and France. The flowers are everywhere! The idea is to give a sprig or bouquet of this flower to someone you love.

Lily-of-the-valley symbolizes several things, among them the return of happiness. So, when you give a person  this enchanting bloom, you’re wishing them happiness. I’d say you’re also injecting poetry into their daily life. I’d even say you’d be injecting poetry into yours.

Today, so soon after witnessing Prince William and Kate exchange their wedding vows, I find this custom especially endearing.

I wish lilies-of-the-valley to every one of you reading this. Many lilies-of-the-valley.

Here’s to happiness and romance. Here’s to love!

Vive l’amour!

Bon voyage,

Rita Elizabeth

P.S.  If you’d like to read a French person’s take on this custom (and to see some lovely pictures, too!) just click on this link “Frenchie and the May Lilies.”  Scroll to the middle of the post.

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