Sweetening the coffee in Seattle

We’re stay-at-home travelers again, my husband and I. Snuggled back home now, we’re relaxed and refreshed from our road trip up to the Pacific Northwest.

I’d meant to post to this blog more often while we were there, but that old saying proved true — the best plans of mice and men …

As I adjust back to my at-home-travel routine, I take a moment now to mention something lovely I’ve already brought home from that trip: a new way to sweeten coffee.


Fancy sugar cubes -- homemade in Seattle



While in Seattle, my husband and I visited a friend from his childhood, whom he hadn’t seen in many, many years. After the marvelous dinner she made for us, she served tea and coffee. These decorative sugar cubes were such fun.

The cubes were a gift to her from a friend who had made them. I haven’t yet learned exactly how, but I suspect one can buy the little flowers as sprinkles in the baking supplies aisle of your supermarket or in your local crafts store. I imagine, then, that you’d only have to moisten the bottom of the sprinkles and the top of the sugar with a little hot water, stick the sprinkles on the cubes, and let them dry. Or, perhaps stick one to the other with a bit of white icing. I’ll investigate how-to and report what I find.

Better yet, does anyone reading this know how to make them? If so, post a comment. Others will thank you.

One of the sweetest things about these cubes (except for the taste of your coffee, of course) is that when you drop them in your hot drink, the little flowers break off from the cubes and float. (Well, not all the time, but mostly.)

Our old friend generously gave me a container full. I look forward to serving them the next time we entertain–a little bit of poetry in a cup of’ tea.

One lump, or two?

Bon voyage,

Rita Elizabeth


About RitaElizabeth

I'm a recently widowed wife and mother who loves to use ideas and experiences from travel to enrich my family's life at home. I blog to share ideas with you and to hear your ideas and comments.
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4 Responses to Sweetening the coffee in Seattle

  1. Lucretia Chilcote says:

    The decorations on the sugar cubes are made from royal icing, a special icing that dries hard. Very small pastry piping bags and tips are used. The Decorations are piped directly on the sugar cubes or in the case of the roses made on a toothpick, set aside to dry, then attached on the sugar cube with a piped frosting leaf. It takes patience, steady hands and good eyes. I make them for all occasions and package them many different ways. Lucretia Chilcote

  2. Those are adorable! Another question… Are the sugar cubes themselves ready made and then fancied up with the frosting flowers?

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