My Once and Future Royals (Part III)

On a royal blue morning in Northern California, with light on the lilies…

Calla lilies brought from the home we've just sold

and sunbeams on the tree in our little back yard…

Tree and plants in the garden of our temporary home

With yesterday morning’s crossword still set upon the table…

Crossword, The New York Times, Thursday, April 28, 2011

    … and an across-the-Pond wedding recorded as I slept, and ready to enjoy…
Light shines on the tree, pouring in from outside and behind our TV as my husband and I settle in to watch the wedding

I felt glad I’d broken down and taken time to understand

how to do recordings on our DVR!

            Refreshed from a good night’s sleep,  a cup of coffee in my hand,
                      my honey and I sat on the sofa.

 We saw enthusiastic people…

There’s nothing tedious or boring on THIS day in front of Buckingham Palace!

   … and a smiling family

Celebrating royals

  … and

The RAF flies over Buckingham Palace to honor the first kiss

              … Royal Air Force jets flying proudly in the “English weather.”

                                      We saw youth and beauty, and adorable children …

But most of all, we saw a nation basking in its history and heritage …

As millions around the world celebrated the promise of commitment and love.

These  modern royals–“my” future royals–may belong to the British, but…

                                 they belong to me, too, because …
                                          love and commitment belong to the world.

Let our hearts be with this couple,

          … not only on this day of their promises to each other …
              … but let us wish them strength to surmount the challenges surely in their future,
                     … so they may show by example the rewards  of long-term marriage …
                            … and the example of working for peace in the world.


            Rita Elizabeth


About RitaElizabeth

I'm a recently widowed wife and mother who loves to use ideas and experiences from travel to enrich my family's life at home. I blog to share ideas with you and to hear your ideas and comments.
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9 Responses to My Once and Future Royals (Part III)

  1. Janet Murtha says:

    Here, here!!! It was a wonderful and refreshing upbeat note for our world today. Thanks for your pictures and commentary!

  2. Thank you, Janet! I know you enjoyed the wedding. And I see we both felt inspired.

    Here’s to hope, to peace, and to love!

    Here’s to you, too, Janet!

  3. Meg Bellamy says:

    Thank you, Rita, for sharing your wedding pictures and memories. I, too, spent a good chunk of today glued to the tube — watching and rewatching the magical moments at Westminster Abbey. I hope that this young couple has the joy that this glorious start presages.

    And now to bed as today ends here.


  4. kenny2dogs says:

    Hello Rita.
    Pleased that you succeeded in taping the wedding as you slept.
    I see also you are good at crosswords, ( or is it your hubby ) I don’t do crosswords mainly because I don’t buy newspapers.
    So, Kate and William are as one now, Prince Harry to be next I guess. But his wedding shall not attract as much interest as his brothers. “oh” yes, and before that I here the pitter patter of tiny feet, echoing throughout the hallways of the Royal residences.
    I would expect Queen Elizabeth to become a great Grandmother within 18 month to 2 years.
    on a different note… I am in pain as I sit here typing this. I think I have torn all the muscles in my back, while gardening. Silly me overdone it. I have not been active or had any exercise since before my transplant, I should have known to take things easy 😦
    Take care Rita from your friend across the pond.
    Kenny !

    • Kenny,

      So good to hear from you, for many reasons. It’s great to have another friend across the Pond! Isn’t blogging amazing?

      So sorry to hear about the pain in your back. (My husband has had pain in his back constantly from his spinal surgery two years ago–I’m trying to get us to the bottom of it–so I have a feel for how pain wears a person down.) I also understand about passion for gardening–you in the U.K., despite the weather you “enjoy” have the chance for such beautiful gardens. I remember the April/May sun on a “good” English morning and commenting to my next door neighbor about how beautiful England was with the flowers all out. Her reply was “When the sun is out, England is the most beautiful country in the world.” Though I know there is beauty all around the world, including great beauty here in California, for that moment in time, I thought my neighbor was absolutely right!

      So, as you pursue your gardening, please try to be careful. Take good care of yourself.

      My husband is currently experiencing some setbacks, and I’m focusing most of my energies on taking care of him. They’ll have to drain the fluid that has accumulated in his lungs this week. Please say a little prayer for him (and me), or send us healing thoughts, whichever you like best to do.

      Yes, yes! Soon, hopefully, we’ll be treated to some adorable royal children. I just hope William and Kate stay married. Long term marriage brings so many riches–not of precious gems, but of the emotional and spiritual kind.

      Oh, and I’m the one who loves crosswords. Did you look closely at the picture? If not, do look again. I was delighted to find that the Thursday morning edition of The New York Times actually had a crossword puzzle celebrating the wedding!

      • kenny2dogs says:

        OH yes Rita blogging is amazing… when one thinks about how many people can be reached with distance no problem. To learn about peoples life style’s ETC. Yes amazing is the word.
        It has been nearly a week since I awoke in pain, so I am hoping it shall become easier over the next week. Hope so, because as you say ” pain wears a person down ” The reactive depression one experiences from pain, can be so debilitating. I shall certainly be taking things easier in my garden in future and hopefully start swimming again in my local pool.
        There is great beauty to be found in all countries of the World, and everyone feels their own country is the most beautiful on Earth. It’s a pride thing I think.

        Yes I noticed the references to the royal wedding in the crossword. you had highlighted them. lol

        I don’t do prayer’s Rita, but I send my most potent healing thoughts to both your hubby and your good self. I really do feel for you both and think about you often.
        Have a relaxing and stress free week ahead.
        Your English friend Kenny.

  5. kenny2dogs says:

    BTW. Love your header picture, how sweet.

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