Wrapping things up–more than one way

Imagine a world without Post-it notes. I hate to admit it, but that’s a world I’m old enough to remember.

On my first full-time job, when I was very, very young <grin>, I often had to set paperwork aside with a note to myself on what to do with it later. Since I worked with original stock and bond certificates, I mostly had to keep documents blemish-fee. I devised a method to remind me of later actions to take without writing on the papers.

My trick was to take a clean piece of paper and cut it in little pieces about three inches square.

I’d keep a little pile of these squares in my desk. Whenever I needed to flag an action item, I’d write a note on a square saying what I needed to do. Then I’d paperclip that note to the document.

My organizing trick, before the advent of "Post-it Notes"

One day, years later, I saw someone use those little yellow sticky pads that have since become ubiquitous. “What a clever idea,” I thought when I first saw them. “Someone must have felt like I did–I’m not the only one who needed little pieces of paper to jot something down and clip to something else.” So, much to my delight, I discovered that Post-It Notes were born.

Nowadays, Post-Its run the gamut. No longer just one size and the one (yellow) color, Post-Its come in all colors, shapes and forms.

I even have some hot pink Post-It hearts which I use to call attention to an urgent task, or to stick a note on a friend’s birthday card. Or to leave a love note on my husband’s steering wheel for him to see as he starts his commute to work.

Post-It Notes have certainly taken off!

But Post-Its haven’t stopped me from cutting paper smaller. Now, I wield my scissors with plastic wrap. I’ve always found Saran Wrap, Cling Wrap, and others to be useful. I’ve probably tried most of the brands.

I’m a person who saves bits of leftovers in small glass bowls. Sometimes in very small glass bowls. And to use a big, wide piece of wrap to cover up my tiny bowls seems like such a waste!

A big piece of plastic for a tiny bowl

Have you ever gotten out the scissors and tried to cut a square of small plastic wrap? The wrap sticks to the scissors and winds around your hand.  Making a Saran Wrap equivalent of a “Post-It”  isn’t very easy.

I thought I was doomed to this silly task until one day I browsed in my local Japanese grocery store. Now, I wrap my leftovers like this:

Note that the width of the Japanese plastic wrap is the perfect fit to cover my little glass bowl

Because this is what I found in that grocery store:

Plastic wrap in Japan comes in several different sizes

It’s clear that manufacturers in Japan realized people wanted more than one width of plastic wrap. So, they made their products to meet consumers’ needs.

So, now, whenever I need plastic wrap, not only do I go to my local Safeway, but I also make the trek to the Japanese store. And yet, I wonder: why not our good old American companies? Couldn’t they make plastic wrap in several sizes, too?

Maybe one of them will read this post. Maybe he or she will take action–who knows?

On a more personal note (though my confessions of obsessing about wasting paper or plastic wrap seem pretty dang personal)–I do want to explain my recent absence from the blogging world. I’ve been gone because I’ve moved several times; we sold our home of twenty-two years and then remodeled our new home. This necessitated moving three times: from the house we sold into a hotel, from the hotel to the rental side of our new duplex home, and then finally, after the remodel’s completion, we’ve moved to our permanent side. Added to that was a lot of illness in my family this year.

But now things are better, so my intention is to blog regularly again . Also, I plan to be an avid blog reader once more, so you, my blogging buddies who may be reading this–expect to see me soon, me via comments on your blog!

And, in closing, please let me know: is anyone out there as crazy as I am, cutting their own Post-Its before Post-Its existed, and cutting plastic wrap into little squares?


About RitaElizabeth

I'm a recently widowed wife and mother who loves to use ideas and experiences from travel to enrich my family's life at home. I blog to share ideas with you and to hear your ideas and comments.
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13 Responses to Wrapping things up–more than one way

  1. Reina says:

    Yes, I do both those things! 🙂 Have you seen the different-sized reuseable bowl covers? My sister got me a set and I found more at Rite Aid. Very handy and no cutting required for the right size.

  2. Oh, wow, Reina! Thanks for the tip–no I hadn’t seen these reusable bowl covers. I’ll look for them the next time I’m in a Rite Aid store. I love the idea.

  3. Meg Bellamy says:

    It’s funny — I do find myself cutting the larger Post-Its into smaller sizes — usually strips. Yes, I know they come that size but sometimes I need to customize what’s at hand. Have never tried cutting plastic wrap. Most of the time, it’s the right size. Occasionally too large (or too small and then I need to overlap 2 pieces).

    Glad to see you back.

  4. Hi Meg,

    Wow, does it ever make me feel validated and supported that you even cut Post-Its into smaller pieces! (Actually, I sometimes do that, too.) I guess since I cook lots of quasi-Japanese food and serve it in little dishes, those small plastic wrap rolls make me smile. Thanks for the post!

  5. kenny2dogs says:

    More a blog for the ladies me thinks, however I do use post it notes and find them quite handy. But never tried cutting plastic wrap, as you say Rita “not very easy”…
    Happy to see you back . You have been missed.
    Best wishes to you Rita from your English friend Kenny.

  6. Hi, Kenny,

    Yes, I think you’re right, my blog might interest “the ladies” a bit more, but I’m so glad to have you here. Ever since I read my last entry on your blog, I’ve been thinking not only of that whale, but also of you going out fishing again. You’re happy I’m back, and I’m happy, too, that you’re back in the swing of things! Best wishes from your Californian friend, Rita!

  7. kenny2dogs says:

    Hi Rita.
    It has been a long time since I was here.
    I hope everything is ok with you. X/mas is fast approaching and I was wondering if you had planed anything nice.
    thinking of you
    Kenny !!

    • Hi, Kenny,

      Thank you so much for checking in with me! It is with the deepest sadness that I tell you that my husband passed away on September 15th. Due to my need to care for him intensely during the last six months of his dear life, I had to stop writing in the blog. Since then, I’ve been extremely tied up in the necessary legal and financial work to ensure I can survive. I miss him terribly and I think the ache in my heart may never go away.

      Today is America’s Thanksgiving Day. My brother has come to visit, and he and Sam’s and my daughter will be going to the home of friends for our Thanksgiving dinner.

      Life is tough right now, but I do expect to resurrect my blog. I’m not sure when, but I expect in the next few months. During the two and a half years I cared for my dearest husband as we fought his lung cancer, writing in the blog was a helpful outlet for me. But then, as his cancer took over, there was no time except for taking care of him. And I’m so glad I devoted my entire life to caring for him. I gave him my all, and I like to think it helped him live longer. His doctor assures me that my tender caring did have that effect.

      I hope you’re doing well, Kenny. I know that when I started reading your blog, you had very serious health issues. Please let me know how you’re doing. I haven’t had time to get back to reading my blogging buddies’ blogs yet, but I will one of these days soon. At that time, I’ll be visiting your blog on a regular basis.

      I’m planning to be in England some time in 2012. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even get to meet you!

      Please, please, take care of yourself and enjoy life. Until our next contact, I wish you health and joy and everything good.


  8. kenny2dogs says:

    From across the great distance between us, I send my most sincere condolences on your recent loss.
    I have been saddened by this news and understand your grief must be so very hard to bare. I have been aware how deeply embedded the love you hold for your late husband is.
    You must be totally heart broken. So, I shall say no more, knowing my words are just that, words.
    I wish I could give you a big warm friendly hug, instead of just words, even though they come direct from my heart.

    Well you forget about blogging for now, you have much more important things on your mind. I shall visit you from time to time , to check on how my California girl is coping.

    On a different note… I am coping very well, It is just over a year now since my transplant ( 15th Oct ) It has not been easy. But I have recovered both physically and emotionally. In fact I dare say that I am back to being my old self once more. I have shed the Wren’s wing’s for the wing’s of an Eagle, yes I am doing just fine.

    If ever you do visit England again, I feel it would be wonderful to spend a day in your company.
    Take great care of yourself now Rita and all the best for the future.
    Your English friend Kenny !

  9. Thank you, so much, Kenny. And yes, I’m heartbroken, and your words do help. Condolences do mean a lot.

    I’m very glad to hear that you’re doing so well now.

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy life! Use those eagle’s wings to soar.

    “Talk” to you soon.

    From your California blogging buddy…


  10. patwa says:

    Great article on how some manufacturers respond to consumer needs. As a traveler who only stays home sometimes, I am constantly seeking ways to reduce-reuse-recycle. Smaller, lighter, less wasteful products help all of us live in better harmony, leave lighter remains.

  11. Thank you, Patwa, and sorry for this belated reply. I hope to get blogging (and reading blogs) again soon. The best to you!

  12. Kenny2dogs says:

    Hi Rita, I have been thinking about you and wondering how things are in your life.. I hope you are feeling better as the months pass. Naturally you shall never forget your dear lost one, not as long as you live. My thoughts are with you, especially at this time of year. I myself am spot on, feeling good and looking forward to visiting my daughter and g/children in Sweden over x/mas. Take care now Rita, and know this…. you are in my thoughts.
    your English buddy Kenny 🙂

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