Hi, hello, bonjour, buon giorno, buenos dias, ohayo gozaimasu,

I love to travel, don’t you?

My name is Rita Elizabeth. I’m a wife and mother. And I’m a sometime traveler who wishes she could travel more!

My passion is for family — my husband and daughter (and assorted relatives and friends who feel like they’re my family.)  After them, my love of travel runs close behind  love of home and hearth. And so, the need arises to combine joys of travel with joys of home.

I love to find ways to do this. I’ve discovered it’s quite easy, mostly a matter of mindset. Once you let the linkage between home and travel form in your head, it’s fun to integrate ideas and experiences from travel with one’s daily domestic routines. Since this has brought joy to me (and, I dare say, to family and friends) I want to share with you the things I’ve discovered and continue to discover.

Come here for ideas for extending the joys of your treasured vacations–taken near home or on distant shores. You can keep your travels fresh, even as you stay at home. So much is in the attitude–given a positive outlook and just a little thought, you will find ways to make sure the joy you’ve found in travel brings daily enrichment to you and yours.

Enjoy, enjoy!