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Wrapping things up–more than one way

Imagine a world without Post-it notes. I hate to admit it, but that’s a world I’m old enough to remember. On my first full-time job, when I was very, very young <grin>, I often had to set paperwork aside with … Continue reading

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Après the valentines: Francesca’s delicious lemon-leek chicken

Here’s a delicious recipe to serve over rice: Francesca’s lemon/leek chicken. Authentic Italian recipe, from the kitchen of my friend, Francesca, who lives in one of the cities that hosts Carnavale (aka Mardi Gras), the city of Viareggio iin Tuscany. Continue reading

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If not laundry…sunset

Work. Work. More work. A cliché of fast-paced modern life, but that’s the way things have been for me lately. It’s also the reason I haven’t posted lately; why I’ve been away from my you, my blog world friends. Not … Continue reading

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Our Trees are Fair and Lovely

Whether your celebrations include a mammoth, glittering tree or a single branch of garland, you can use ideas from your travels to make a festive and cozy Christmas space. Continue reading

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Open Me First

Simple labels can stem the chaos on Christmas morning, or on the big move out of your home. Continue reading

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Sweetening the coffee in Seattle

We’re stay-at-home travelers again, my husband and I. Snuggled back home now, we’re relaxed and refreshed from our road trip up to the Pacific Northwest. I’d meant to post to this blog more often while we were there, but that … Continue reading

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Spills, Crumbs and Sponges: Little Jewels of the Sublime

How a simple, mundane thing brought home from abroad can become a little jewel of daily routine. Continue reading

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